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Istovu comes to Bulungula


Global Eco Projects (GEP) has introduced the “istovu” to Bulungula.  The stove project will reduce the amount of wood used in the household, thus helping to save the forest and protecting the environment.  The stove saves time spent in fetching loads of firewood.  It also reduces the smoke one inhales when using an open fire, thus improving health.


The istovu in action


The stove helps you cook your daily amount of food with less wood and in less time. Also, when it’s cold, the stove works as a heater.

The stove is sold at R100 and comes with a pot spoon and heat exchanger to help quicken the cooking process.   The reduced rate of R100 is possible because GEP is a carbon off-setting initiative which works under the Gold Standard accreditation scheme. 

The Bulungula Incubator Basic Services Programme is helping to distribute the stoves in our four villages and is creating employment for the distributors of the istovu.

The distributors are trained in how to distribute and have to complete a survey on wood usage to see if the amount of wood used has decreased after having istovu.  The distributor gets 30% for every stove sold.

istovu distributor training

(left to right) Distributors’ Manager, two new Distributors and GEP Manager with training certificates

The Distribution of stoves started on the 5th of December and people have started buying them.

People like the stoves a lot because you can use them inside the house and they don’t smoke when they’re burning.  One Mama who got the stove was very happy because she won’t be using paraffin any more.  The stove has already saved her a lot of money.

Everyone who sees her neighbour with a stove will rush to get her own!

Khuselo, Basic Services Programme Manager

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  1. Johan Wessels #

    where can I buy one?

    January 31, 2014
    • Bulungula Incubator #

      Hi Johan

      You can call Khuselo in our offices on 0475778908. Getting it to you may be an issue though but Khuselo can put you in touch with the suppliers to see if you can find it where you are.


      February 3, 2014

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