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Rag Bag Rumpus

At Jujurha Preschool we tipped a bag of rags onto a mat, stood back and watched how the children responded. For a split second they stood in silence looking at the pile and then went into excited action as they explored the pieces of cloth. The chatter was constant, more to themselves than to others, as they discovered big pieces, small pieces, geometric shapes, bits of patchwork, see-through cloth, shiny bits of sari, brocade, colours, patterns, soft cloth, stiff cloth, shweshwe, the ‘shot’ effect of organza and more.


Then the children started to think what they could do with the cloth. They wrapped cloth around their heads and bodies (accompanied by some dance steps),  they chose pieces that looked nice together,  and some selected similar shapes…

Then someone needed to make the shapes himself, so off he went to find scissors. Some one else went off to find glue so that she could stick pieces together.


Deep concentration, individual creative thought and application resulted in some satisfying accomplishments.


In this activity, the process is far more important than the end product.  The children are making choices and aesthetic preferences, experimenting,  problem solving, expressing their individuality, developing their ability to manipulate materials and tools, and building confidence resulting in the satisfaction of an activity thoroughly explored.



Pressure is sometime put on teachers for children to produce works that “look like something”. This then ends up with ‘recipe’ work. That is work thought out by the teacher, who also prepares the materials, the methodology and instructs the children what to do. All the children do is follow instructions.

We want our children to be innovative, confident, creative thinkers.

Sue Rosie

Ready, Steady, Learn!

In mid-May, the first of the Brainwave training began. Beauty and Mariette from Brainwave ran two programmes: 'Ready, Steady, Learn" and "NQF4 ECD and Trainer of Trainers" training over 2 weeks. Ready, Steady, Learn covers basic Early Childhood Development (ECD) principles and methods and the making toys from recycled materials.

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Volunteer Opportunity for Tech Expert

We are looking for a volunteer expert in Information Technology: computer hardware and software to help us roll out our 'Technology for Education' project. The position will commence at the end of June, at the time of receipt of the computers needed for the project, and will continue for a period of 4-6 weeks until August 2014. The project will run the Mathsbuddy programme, on site for Grade 1 and Grade 2 learners of the primary schools in the area.

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Rural Skills Centre Trainees Get Good Results

As part of the Community Work Programme (CWP) we set up the Rural Skills Centre where trainees learn a variety of useful skills like carpentry, permaculture gardening, building using sustainable building methods, metalwork, water harvesting and management, electrical work, plumbing.

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Latest Annual Report

Our latest annual report, covering the 2012-2013 period is ready - hot off the press! It is our fourth annual report and includes an update on all our projects and audited financial statements for the period. You can download an electronic copy here: Download Annual Report 2012 - 2013 or if you would like a hardcopy please email with your postal address and we'll pop it in the post for you.

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CoGTA and CWP implementing agent visit Xhora Mouth

On 22 May the community of Xhora Mouth and the participants of the Community Work Programme (CWP) welcomed representatives from the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) and the Dhladhla Foundation.

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Strengthening our relationship with the DoH & CWP

Since 2011, the BI and the local Department of Health (DoH) have been developing a strong relationship: the medical staff of Madwaleni Hospital attend our regular monthly outreach days where voluntary HIV testing and counselling is offered and our community built Health Point at Mazizini is supported with regular clinical services and ARV distribution. This year, the community of Nqileni with the BI completed the building of a second community Health Point and we approached the DoH for assistance once again.

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More communities benefit from BI & CSIR water filter research

Since its launch in 2007, the BI has focused on developing resources and knowledge in water harvesting, storage and usage. To this end: regular educational workshops were held, water tanks installed, boreholes drilled and research done on a water filter appropriate for use in remote, rural areas such as ours.

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Nokonwaba Mbi 1985-2014

Last Friday we suddenly and tragically lost a sister, teacher and wonderful staff member. Nokonwaba Mbi, only 29 years old passed away in hospital due to complications from a stomach complaint and complications from diabetes. Family, friends and colleagues are all in shock from her sudden passing. Nokonwaba was one of the first teachers to join the team that opened the Jujurha Preschool.

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World Book Day at Jujurha Library

On 23 April, our librarian, Nokolo Bless, planned an event in celebration of World Book Day.

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