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New volunteers for Sports

We're very excited to welcome Felix and Mara who are the new volunteers for this programme for the year. Now that this programme is running well we are looking to roll it out to other schools in the area.

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Preschool finished in record time

Our Imana Wildride sponsored preschool building was done in record time - 1 month!

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Great news about the playgroups!

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New Volunteer Position

We are looking for a volunteer artisan who has one or more of the
following skills: carpentry, metalwork, natural building, organic farming, basic plumbing and electrical, general DIY skills

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Serious @ play

In May last year we launched a playgroup progamme for our 0-3 year old group. Our Homebased care group has been trained in a variety of Early Learning Through Play methods, which they share with parents and caregivers.

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Learning chess after school

Teachers at Jujurha Pre-school are learning to play Chess so that they can teach the children from our neighbouring Noofisi Primary School.

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Another new preschool!

Just as we were putting on the finishing touches on the Mgojweni Preschool (see blog of 24 March), we were contacted by the race organisers of the Imana Wild Ride with an offer to rebuild our preschool in Folokwe Village!

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Finishing touches for Mgojweni Preschool

It is now just being finished off and we are on track to set the date for the opening ceremony for sometime in May!

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Keeping healthy

A full clinic service is available monthly and alternates between Nqileni and Mgojweni Villages.

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Afterschool programme gets a facelift

The 2016 school year started with the Jujurha teachers enthusiastic about giving the afternoon support programme a bit of a “boost”.

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