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Story Drawings at the Wild Coast


Hills and cows s

Note the influence of hills! The story on the left has three taxi’s in a race. The last taxi sees he is losing because he is loaded down with baggage. He removes it and the passengers cry, “NOOO!”

Delight at Helga’s Big Splash

DSC00203Book reading delight 3IMG_1014Author Matthew Kalil visited Jujurha Preschool and read his lastest book, Helga’s Splash, to the children. They were fascinated that the ‘visitor’ read the book in English and their teacher also read it in Xhosa.

A discussion followed about ‘What does an¬†author do?’ ¬† We have set up an Authors Table where children can draw their own pictures. Their teacher will then annotate it with written words. This is an important activity in emergent literacy.

Extramural sport activities

In addition to running the Mathsbuddy programme and the Computer Training for Teachers at No-ofisi Primary, our energetic volunteers have also initiated extramural sport activities at Xhora Mouth Senior Primary.

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Computer training for teachers of Xhora Mouth

Because we had already set up all the hardware and had sorted the logistics to run the Mathsbuddy programme at No-ofisi Primary, we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to leverage our resources and offer the teachers computer lessons at the same time.

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Mathsbuddy pilot enters phase 2

Having spent a considerable amount of time trying to find the best computer programme for access to the Mathematics School Curriculum from Grade 1 to 12, we decided on Mathsbuddy. This interactive online programme supplements the mathematics classroom work, assisting teachers and keeping learners interested and entertained while they are learning.

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Rebuilding Mgojweni Preschool

The permanent building for Mgojweni Preschool gets underway

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The Rural Skills Centre gets a new roof

Over the past month the participants at the Rural Skills Centre had a valuable lesson in making strong roof trusses and constructing a rather large roof structure.

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Check out this cool video about the BI

One of our long standing funders very generously covered the costs of a professional film crew to come out all the way to the Bulungula Incubator to make this informational video about our work and hopefully help us raise some funds in the process.

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New Murals for Jujurha Preschool

Sara the Painter was back again this January bring in a riot of colour and sweet pictures to our lives. This time Jujurha Preschool got a new sign and lovely mural at the garden.

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Assessing the impact of our water filter project

Over the past few years, the BI has worked with the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial) and DrinC (manufacturers of the Nazava-style water filter) in the development of a cost-effective water filter for use in rural households without access to potable water.

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