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A day at the beach

Each of the 3 preschool classes recently enjoyed their first preschool ‘outing’. Wearing their new shweshwe hats (made by the BI micro-enterprise sewing project) and carrying their buckets and spades, they called in at the Bulungula Lodge on their way to the beach.

Like children the world over, they were soon digging in the sand and building sandcastles.

After a picnic of fruit, cooldrinks and sweet treats (donated by our visitors from Truworths), they played in the tidal rock pools and collected a fabulous variety of shells.

After a lovely morning on the beach, the children made their way back to the preschool with their ‘loot’.

In the days following the outings, the shells were used in numerous learning activities, particularly when a number of hermit crabs appeared unexpectedly out of some shells! (These were hastily returned to their rockpools).

One of our creative volunteers (Karen) even managed to devise an educational game from the outing – using the shells to help develop the children’s matching and sorting skills.

Although these children live so close to the sea, they seldom spend leisure time on the beach and have much to learn about the eco systems and the protection of their pristine environment.

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