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Out now :‘How to Start Your Own Enterprise’ DVD

A DVD documenting how to start enterprises in remote areas has been completed by the Bulungula Incubator. The informational DVD serves as a guide for the establishment of small business ventures in remote and inadequately services areas such as Nqileni village. Production of the DVD was inspired and guided by the lessons learnt in establishing and running business in places that have limited or no access to basic services and where literacy levels are extremely low. The tips, advice and guidelines provided in the DVD are from tried and tested entrepreneurial ventures that have shown considerably high levels of success in rural environments.

Filming reels from theproduction of the DVD production

The DVD was produced by Carlos Francisco (AHB Films) and Khuselo Gcelu, our in-house film-maker.

Khuselo and Carlos, the DVD producers

The filmed scenes that were used for the production of the DVD are real-life activities of the entrepreneurs oerating their daily businesses. The enterprises that are on the DVD are Takane Felting, Masizakhe Hair Salon, Siyakhula Sewing Group and the Bulungula Homestays.

The sewing mamas busy at work

Funny moments were captured when some scenes had to be filmed more than once by the camera crew. The entrepreneurs could not understand why they had to repeat some tasks that they had just completed. Mama Nothembile had everyone in stitches when she had this to say; “Tyhini! Yhe Nkuli, kutheni nisithi ndithunge kabini. Aniboni uba ndiyigqibile lento? Nithi ndithunge nton ke ngoku?” (Whoa! Nkuli, why do you people say I must sew this thing again? Can’t you see that I have finished sewing it? So what should i sew if you say i do it again?). Veliswa, Nocawe and Bomkazi of Takane Felting couldn’t stop laughing when they were asked to repeat a scene for over five times.

The DVD is out now……….

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  1. Mrs Zs Ndamase #

    Wooooow, it sound amazing I would love to try something because it keeps everyone busy especially the youth it empowered them to do samething on their own.Thank for you great and amazing job, your good heart towards our black people


    August 19, 2013
  2. Lucy #

    This sounds like an excellent resource, where can I get a copy?


    June 15, 2012

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