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First day of school at Jujurha

Emotions ran high for some children at Jujurha on their first day of school on the 15th of January 2014.  Some were a bit lost and very quiet as they didn’t know anyone yet.

Khuselo's first day at Jururha

But one boy, named Khuselo, couldn’t stand the sight of so many children and teachers he didn’t know!  He cried uncontrollably, wanting to go home because he was already missing his mum.

jururha first day quiet

Stunned silence

Other children were sitting quietly, not knowing who to talk to and still afraid of the new teachers.

jururha first day traffic 1

I ride it my way!

jururha first day traffic 2

Traffic jam!

When it was time to play, it was hard for the new ones as they had never ridden a scooter before. They just sat there and couldn’t move.  There was a big traffic jam on the trail!

We wish good luck to our new 3 year- old students for the rest of the year.

Khuselo, Basic Services Manager

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