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The BI wins the McNulty Prize!

Wow! this is all so very overwhelming! After a nail-biting few months while the judges considered our work alongside 4 other amazing projects from around the globe, we got the call from Anne Welsh McNulty 🙂 While we have always been very proud of our work, it is rather lovely to have a pat on the back now and then and what a big one this is … from the McNulty Prize jury: “One thing the McNulty Prize looks for are imaginative solutions to pressing problems that can be replicated elsewhere. Many terrific projects approach a single issue across a broad field, but the Bulungula Incubator’s mission is comprehensive,” said former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, a member of the McNulty Prize jury. “By finding a way to enact lasting change in this region, the BI is a beacon for rural communities struggling with similar issues. Most importantly, these communities have ownership over the improvements they make, creating a virtuous cycle of civic involvement and improvement of quality of life.”

See 30 second teaser ahead of the prize giving ceremony on 12 November in New York:

BI mcnulty blog pic

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