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Outreach in Xhora Mouth

1stHB I

Firstly a BIG thank you to Starfish for the lovely  goodie bags of toiletries that the BI Homebased Carers (Nomakhayas) received. Also, the baby blankets for the newborns were much appreciated by our little ones 🙂

A new collaboration including Nkanya Clinic  and Madwaleni Dental Services (Department of Health), the Donaldwoods Foundation, and, of course, the Bulungula Incubator team brought much needed health services to the communities of the Xhora Mouth Administrative Area. This collaboration was launched to bring Clinical Outreach services on site to an area where there is no access to any healthcare services of any kind.

The services offered include: Primary Care, attention to Minor Ailments, Chronic Medication supply, Clinical Observations for Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Weight, Pap Smears, Pregnancy Testing, Family Planning, Immunizations, TB Screening and taking of Specimens, Dental Care, HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT), Dispensing of Medications and Referrals to clinics and hospitals for further health management.

Bulelwa Ganca (Health Programme Manager), 15 May 2015
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