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Staff changes


Building a team can be rocked by staff changes and BI has had some major changes this year. The testimony to the team is the stability that has remained in spite of the changes.

Rejane Woodroffe, Director, is on an 18 month sabbatical break and is having adventures with her husband Dave, backpacking around, China, Tajikistan, Mongolia, staying with locals in Yurts in the desert, climbing formidable mountains, and gleaning experiences and knowledge that we hope to benefit from when they return. Part of being away from BI is to test the systems to see if any cracks appear in the organisation. So far so good!

Sue Rosie is Acting Director and has adapted well to the remote village life and the dynamics of the organisation.

Peter Nywiri, our Human Resources Manager and so much more has returned to his family in Zimbabwe after five years away. We are so thankful for the role model and mentor that Peter was to many people in the organisation. He has left a legacy of values to strive for.


Pat Kelly – a strong team member!

To fill the gap left by Peter Nywiri could be a real challenge in such a remote area. However Pat Kelly, retired from many years at the SABC, was pottering around Fish Hoek when he received the call. On his fridge was a quote from James Hollis. “In the end, having an interesting life, a life that disturbs complacency, a life that pulls us out of the comfortable and thereby demands a larger spiritual engagement than we planned or that feels comfortable, is what matters most.” Well, he couldn’t turn down the opportunity and rises daily to the challenges of this remote but dynamic organisation with his many skills.


Sis Lindi is back!

Lindiwe Tukane has returned to the organisation as Manager of Educational Programmes. She was welcomed back with warmth by the community and in a few weeks has run two successful Team Building workshops.


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