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Bafana Banyana of the Future here at Bulungula!

goals III

Our children don’t see TV so their time is spent engaging with what goes on around them. The local soccer league is a big feature. The children are passionate about soccer and have all the actions of professionals – bouncing the ball off the chest, kicking the ball from a backwards position and these are pre-schoolers!

Our drain pipe posts collapsed and it was a determined spacial challenge to fix them. But with some thoughtful collaborative effort the children got it right every time. (We did eventually glue the pipes).

And then along came a donation of pump-up Hand Ball posts. (Thank you Air Structures International and Starfish!) Just pumping the posts and later suctioning air out was an event of great interest. And then the posts…. with nets.

The post are now at Xhora Mouth Secondary School where our volunteers from Germany (Mo and Paul) will be training up a team to compete with other schools in East London later in the year.

And here at Jujurha preschool we are back to our glued drain pipe posts. With passion.

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