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Finishing touches for Mgojweni Preschool

The new preschool – just needs some finishing touches now.

After the wonderful success of the Jujurha Preschool that had been opened in 2009, the communities of the surrounding villages requested assistance from the BI in 2011 with setting up their own early learning facilities.

Because we wanted to get these preschools up and running as quickly as possible the communities donated the buildings and we raised funds for teacher training, furnishings and learning materials. During the period from 2011 – 2013 we had 3 new preschools up and running. However, the buildings that the communities were able to provide were made of mudbrick and were not expected to last more than 2 – 3 years.

We then began the process of raising the funds for permanent buildings and towards the end of last year, we began to rebuild the first of the community preschools in Mgojweni Village. It is now just being finished off and we are on track to set the date for the opening ceremony for sometime in May!

Rejane Woodroffe (Director), 24 March 2016
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