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Another new preschool!

Scoping out the new preschool site

Just as we were putting on the finishing touches on the Mgojweni Preschool (see blog of 24 March), we were contacted by the race organisers of the Imana Wild Ride with an offer to rebuild our preschool in Folokwe Village! The race takes place in July every year. The route is along our beautiful Wild Coast and is sponsored by Imana Foods. The funds that are being donated for our preschool are raised from the cyclists of the Imana Wild ride race, through their NGO, Wild Ride Education Company (WREC), and Imana Foods. These funds have been used for several educational infrastructure projects over the years in communities located along the race route.

Last Friday, 8 April, the race organisers visited us with a representative of Imana Foods and Elangeni Buildings, who will provide all materials and complete the building. We were relieved when the delegation took the bad road conditions in their stride and approved the remote village site!

We were very lucky to be chosen as this year’s recipient of the WREC and Imana Funds. We look forward to cheering the riders, and showing our immense appreciation, as they cross the Bulungula on their race day in July!

Rejane Woodroffe (Director), 8 April 2016
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