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Preschool finished in record time


Our Imana Wildride sponsored preschool building was done in record time – 1 month! Many of you will be familiar with the challenges we have with bad roads, lack of water and lack of access to goods and services. So when Imana and WREC (Wild Ride Education Company) promised that their contractors at Elangeni Builders would complete the new preschool in one month we were not buying it! We did our part of course and with the help of the community, we got the road-track to the new site fixed up a bit and found some lovely people for the builders to live with while they were building.

The work began in earnest, materials were delivered on big trucks with lovely fittings including aluminium windows and roof tiles and true to their word – one month later – WALAH! Masiphathisane Preschool in Folokwe Village had a new school. The teachers were thrilled. They had really struggled with collapsing buildings and having to make do with teaching children in a corner in the kitchen building. This was a great new start!


Walking away from the old building


One Month Later – finishing touches

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