In 2007, the rehabilitation of the Noofisi Primary School in Nqileni Village was the project that prompted the launch of the Bulungula Incubator. Although education has always been a central focus of our work, we realised very early that we needed to consider a holistic approach to our rural development strategies: instead of focusing on one intervention spread over a large region, we chose to have a broad range of projects in one limited area to ensure that our interventions focused on depth instead of breadth. 



Within our Education programme, there are 8 main focus areas:

  • Early Childhood Development in the Home (ECD @ Home): 0-3 years
  • Centre-based ECD 3-6 years
  • Support of rural government schools (including Technology for Education Delivery from Grade 1)
  • Primary School After School Programme
  • Provision of library facilities
  • Vulindlela Scholarship Programme
  • Parent activism and participation in education
  • Education advocacy, informing government policy

IMG_0725 small


Within our Health and Nutrition programme, there are 6 main focus areas:

  • Monthly on-site voluntary HIV testing and counselling facilities
  • Community Health workshops: HIV, TB, Hypertension, Diabetes, Health in Pregnancy, Alcoholism
  • Home-based care for the Elderly, Chronically Ill and People Living with HIV
  • Home-based care for Children and Youth
  • Community Care Workers and Community Health Points
  • Permaculture gardens, nutrition and eradicating intestinal parasites

Within our Sustainable Livelihoods programme, there are 5 main focus areas:


  • Ecologically sustainable community based tourism
  • Development of the local economy
  • Development of agri-business
  • Establishment of a Rural Skills Centre
  • A Community Work Programme 

Within our Basic Services programme, there are 5 main focus areas:

small tank pic

  • Rain water harvesting
  • Education about water usage
  • Water filters
  • Solar and wind power
  • Eco-stoves to reduce wood burning and save the forests

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