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Technology for Quality Education: “IiTablet Tshomiz”

In September 2016, we began the rollout of an online interactive mathematics teaching and learning programme called MathsBuddy at one of the four primary schools, Xhora Mouth JSS, that we work with in the Xhora Mouth Administrative Area.  The programme is being implemented in partnership with the school and has the support of the Principal, Deputy Principal and teachers.

The programme is in English and covers the South African curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 12 and until now has only been available in elite private schools.  We installed a satellite internet connection at the school, procured 35 durable tablets (with long battery life), subscribed to MathsBuddy and registered 65 Grade 1s onto the system.   Each child has a unique login for the programme, and the programme records the progress of the learner (in live time) and adapts to each child’s strengths and weaknesses.

We run the programme using the “teaching at the right level” pedagogical approach which according to the latest research is the most effective way of consistently improving learning outcomes.[1]  This requires grouping the learners according to their learning level.  We ran a range of diagnostic tests to assess the children and group them into three different groups: amahashe (horses), iintaka (birds) and iinkomo (cows).  The learners are then allocated tasks to complete on the programme which are tailored to their level and which they can complete at their own pace. Read more

A Real Opportunity to Help

Imagine if, on your way to work this morning, you saw a burning building with a child in it whose life you could save with little cost or risk to yourself. Imagine how you would feel about yourself, how your friends and family would feel about you doing this heroic act. Would you do it - of course you would, no question: save a child's life with no risk to yourself? Of course. Even there was some risk, many of you would probably take the chance anyway.

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Tablets, Laptops Please!

We are looking for donations of new or secondhand tablets and laptops for our Mathsbuddy programme.

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Imana Wild Ride drinks table

After the opening ceremony at the preschool on 1 August, our teachers and learners wanted to thank the Imana Wild Riders. They had the perfect opportunity on the 2 days of the ride that followed.

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Great news about the playgroups!

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Bafana Banyana of the Future here at Bulungula!

The children are passionate about soccer and have all the actions of professionals!

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The Pure Delight of Balloons

“If any of you make and noise, even a squeak, you have to sit down.”

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Adult Basic Education

A group of about 10 people meet twice a week with Funeka Jija to learn the basics of writing, reading and numbers.

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Our children love stories and were delighted when the author Matthew Khalil visited us and read his new book “Helga's Big Splash”.

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Jan and Leon from Germany are at the end of their one year tenure. They have made a major contribution to BI.

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